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“Dancing Cats” by Stanley Lench

21 April 2017
Art, Exhibitions

"Scaling the Citadel" curator Rebecca Lodge takes a deeper look at one of Stanley Lench's earliest works, "Dancing Cats." 

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Curating Stanley Lench

28 February 2017
Archives, Exhibitions

Curator and former Bethlem Museum registrar Rebecca Lodge talks about her excitment at being invited back to create this wonderful exhibition. 

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In the Frame: Portrait Studies of Figures in Eastern Dress

04 December 2015
Archives, Exhibitions, Personal Accounts

Take a look inside Richard Dadd’s sketchbook and discover his Middle Eastern Journey.

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Bringing ‘The Art of Bedlam’ to Bethlem

26 November 2015
Exhibitions, Collection

A lot of work goes into creating an exhibition; here, Bethlem Museum of the Mind registrar Diana Chaccour outlines the process that went in to creating "The Art of Bedlam: Richard Dadd." 

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In The Frame: Bryan Charnley and the art of schizophrenia

09 September 2014
Art, Exhibitions, Collection

Bryan Charnley was a British artist who sought to capture in paint the experience of schizophrenia. On the occasion of an upcoming exhibition at the Museum of the Mind, we explore his life and work. 

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