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Copyright research and ‘orphan works’

The Bethlem Museum of the Mind respects creators' rights. We have a good reputation for providing balanced advice, being duly diligent, following best copyright practice and using trusted, authoritative sources in our research. Sometimes, despite our best efforts, copyright holders remain untraceable.

Creations (artworks) whose copyright holder cannot be traced are sometimes known as 'orphan works'.

Where diligent research has established the status of an artwork as an 'orphan work', we are obliged to achieve a balance of conflicting duties:

  • a responsibility to uphold the rights of consent of creators and copyright holders
  • a duty to make works available for visitors and on-line users to see.

We have decided, on a case-by-case basis, that showing a number of 'orphan works' on our website, and listing the creators' names on this page, is the most balanced approach to this conflict of duty.

If you have a legitimate claim to copyright in any of these works, or have any copyright information you think will be useful to us, please contact our Registrar.