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A Maze of Possibilities IV

Maze 4

As this piece shows, it is not just what is included in a painting that can tell us about the artist by the materials used and the way it is painted. In this month’s response the The Maze the artist explains:

… the large horse was not drawn because I have a love for horses but because it symbolises a childhood memory of a story about the North of England (Cumbria) which is where my grandparents are from and I have visited throughout my life.

I wanted the style and materials I used to reflect (w)hat I enjoy within art; I like the loose style which is why I painted with water colours as they give that effect. Water colours can create a calm mood and remind me of the sea because they are diluted with water. I love the ocean as I find it fascinating so thought it would be interesting to reflect what I like and link them with the materials I use. I use many cool colours such as greens and blues for the same reason; these colours can also make things appear larger so because I love the idea of space, being free and that we are all so small compared to everything else in the world led me to use those colours.

Unlike Kurelek I did not create sections (apart from the tree). He did this because he felt completely trapped in his own mind but I do not entirely feel the same way, so instead I created a tree as a centre piece and surrounded it with images whilst drawing them within it. Representing my love for nature and the idea that we are all constantly growing into something beautiful the older we get, physically and mentally much like trees as they look bigger and become stronger. I enjoy using biro pens and drawing shapes, sketches cross hatching and patterns with them as they create a childlike look. The style was appropriate for this piece as I never take myself or like too seriously and I can be very childish. This is a part of my personality for good and bad reasons. Overall, I really enjoyed creating my own version of ‘The maze’ as it allowed me to reminisce, have fun and understand how the materials and styles I use can be reflected with my hobbies and attitudes.