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Providing great guest experiences and support of mental healthcare education takes great people with wide-ranging skills and talents.
If you want to join a team of dynamic, smart and innovative people, the Bethlem Museum of the Mind is the place for you.

Front of House Volunteers

Job type: Volunteer

Bethlem Museum of the Mind and Bethlem Gallery share a stunning Art Deco building situated within the site of The Royal Bethlem Hospital in Beckenham. We are two organisations who work independently, but collaboratively, to promote better understanding of mental illness, the care and recovery of service-users.

The Gallery and Museum are now looking to recruit a number of new volunteers for our open Saturdays. The Front of House role is similar across both organisations, although there are some differences, of which you need to navigate when making your application.

Download the PDF from this page to find out more and to apply.

We look forward to hearing from you!