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Change Minds Online 2022: Annie Mills Green by Leanne Evans

Annie Old Fashioned Frame

Annie Mills Green, taken from the Bethlem casebook with a new frame by Leanne

Parents Siblings FT

An illustration of Annie's parents and siblings

Hear My Voice Poem

'Hear My Voice' written by Leanne


Leanne's artwork using quotes from Annie's entry in the Bethlem casebooks

I am Annie Poem

'I am Annie' written by Leanne

Letter 1

Leanne's letter to Annie part one

Letter 2

Leanne's letter to Annie part two

(Leanne's letter in plain text)

Dear Annie:

This has been a long journey. I have followed your highs and your lows through life and hopefully told your story, the way you would have wished. I found out a lot about you, some of which, was in symmetry with my life and family.

In 1850, you were born Annie Mills Rountree, to Frederick and Maria Rountree. You were 1 of 7 siblings (4 sisters and 2 brothers).

You were baptised on 15th July, 1857, in Pentonville, London. In 1851, you lived at 24 Woolmore Street, London. In 1861, you lived at 46 Houndsditch, London.

In 1861, your father died. In 1864 you were orphaned, as your mother committed suicide by poison.

On 18th July, 1881, you married Alfred Green, who was 26 years your senior. On 19th December, 1887, you were admitted to Bethlem. In 1887, you lived at
17 Rochampton Street, Pimlico. On 16th January, 1889, you were discharged from Bethlem. You likely died around April 1893, aged 43.

You had a hard life Annie, but I sincerely hope there were also some laughs along the way.

Annie Posh Frame

The photograph of Annie with a new frame by Leanne