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Conservation in the Limelight

In an archive comprising half a millennia’s worth of paper records, the work of a conservator is never done. It is a slow and steady labour, demanding patience and delivering long-lasting results. Who benefits? Anyone with a memory of the past or a stake in the future; the communities of today and many tomorrows.

Most of the Archives & Museum’s conservation work is carried on in-house, unacclaimed and shielded from public view. However, our conservator is featured in the current issue of Practical Family History magazine (on sale until 27 May), advising on how to care for a cache of house history papers recently discovered in an attic spring-clean.

A clip from the magazine has been included below courtesy of Practical Family History and the author of the article, Sue Elliott. For details of the May 2010 issue, go to www.family-tree.co.uk