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House of Bread: Interview with Senior Dramatherapist Kate

Kate McCormack, a Senior Dramatherapist, was one of the staff at Bethlem Hospital who was asked to sit for a portrait by photographer Mark Neville, as part of his residency at Bethlem Royal Hospital. The resulting photo is on display in our current exhibition House of Bread: Inside Bethlem Hospital. She poses alongside Tess, the Siberian husky and therapy dog, who Kate often runs sessions with at the Hospital for service-users across the site.

Senior Dramatherapist With Tess Low Res 11

What is your role at the Bethlem Royal Hospital?

Senior Dramatherapist.

Why did you come to work at Bethlem Royal Hospital? What do you like about working here?

I qualified as a Dramatherapist in 1996 and came here initially as a sessional worker that year because I feel passionately about mental health.

Tell us about your photograph. How did you feel being asked to sit for a portrait?

I felt flattered and wanted to be seen with my dog Tess as she is such an important part of the work here at The Bethlem.

How does it feel being part of an exhibition and being on display in the Museum of the Mind?

Initially I didn’t like the photo as I look so serious but the gravitas has grown on me. I often take photos particularly of Tess. I have been involved in art projects in the past including ones at The Bethlem.

What do you think of the exhibition?

I love the photo of the gardener.