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In the Frame for June 2010: Lynda Bamford’s ‘Mother and Father Reading’

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Mother and Father Reading

Artists - and others - have always learnt and drawn inspiration from the work of others. But restricted display space in the Archives and Museum makes it possible to show only a fraction of our collection at any one time. The rest of the artworks we hold are in store. We are always on the lookout for new ways to make our paintings available to a wider audience. The Archives and Museum have begun working with Bethlem's Occupational Therapy Department on a new initiative to use pieces from our collection to inspire creative responses from others. Each month, copies of three chosen paintings will be displayed in the Department's art studio as a visual starting point for others to create their own pieces. One of these three will be selected by a member of Archives and Museum staff as our 'picture of the month' to feature on the Bethlem blog, along with details of what made it catch our eye. This month's picture is Lynda Bamford's 'Mother and Father Reading'.