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Kate Bradbury: Squalls and Murmurations at Pallant House

Where Have All The Birdsongs Gone Resized 0
Kate Bradbury, Where have all the birdsongs gone

Pallant House Gallery is pleased to announce: ‘Kate Bradbury: Squalls and Murmurations,’ the second exhibition in a series celebrating the six Award Winners of Outside In: National 2012, a triennial competition for artists from the margins. Bradbury, who is also one half of 'Diego Brown and The Good Fairy', a band she started with her brother, was chosen as one of the Award Winners for her piece 'The ones I've been saving to make a feather bed.'

Bradbury's art career began some years ago in North London. Here, she began intuitively making pictures and sculptures from the abandoned belongings of former tenants. Unearthing a roll of thin Chinese paper and a well of black ink, an unforeseen tide of repetitive image and pattern-making promptly began. Bradbury also began making sculptures from salvaged litter found around the house and out on the streets.

Bradbury says: "Outside In have given me a lot of opportunities to exhibit and promote my work. I've also been able to see the work of their other artists and have realised just how many people are out there also working from home. Some have had the same experiences as me, where they were told they were rubbish at school if they couldn't draw a still life, so were discouraged early on. I think that many people are afraid to do it, afraid to pick up a piece of paper and pen thinking 'I'm not an artist, that's not what I do', but they might enjoy it or find some fulfilment in it if they did."

Outside In was set up by Pallant House Gallery in 2006 to provide opportunities for artists with a desire to create who see themselves as facing a barrier to the art world. The project's main vehicle is a triennial open art exhibition which was first held in 2007 and featured 100 artists from across Sussex. By 2012, the project went national, engaging more than 1,500 artists and 13,000 audience members.

The show runs in the Studio from 5 November - 1 December 2013.

*Please note that the Studio is sometimes closed for workshops or other events. It is best to call the Gallery on 01243 774557 before your visit to check that it will be open to visitors.