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Romancing the Stone

Last year we highlighted an opportunity for those with UK subscription television services to see Caius Gabriel Cibber’s statues of ‘Raving and Melancholy Madness’ on the small screen. These larger than life figures, which reclined on the gateposts of Bethlem Hospital from 1676 to 1815 and are now on display in the Archives and Museum, have since been featured on the British Museum’s History of the World project website.

Now they are to appear on BBC 4’s three-part documentary ‘Romancing the Stone: The Golden Age of British Sculpture’ . We are reliably informed that viewers will catch a glimpse of the statues in the first episode, scheduled for broadcast at 9pm today, Wednesday, 9 February, and an extended treatment in the episode to follow. All those with access to Freeview, take note!