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Aftershock: The Untold Story of Surviving Peace


7 October 2017


15 October 2017


Bethlem Museum of the Mind
Bethlem Royal Hospital
Monks Orchard Road
Kent BR3 3BX

When conflict ends on the battlefield, it begins elsewhere. Matthew Green explores how veterans have struggled to adapt to post-war life, examining some of the ways in which we can better support those suffering from psychological injury who undertake the journey from soldier to civilian.

Matthew Green is a London-based journalist who previously spent 14 years working as a foreign correspondent for the Financial Times and Reuters. He was embedded with US Marines during the Iraq invasion and later spent time with US forces deployed in Afghanistan. In 2013, he returned to Britain to write his new book Aftershock: fighting war, surviving trauma and finding peace, which documents the lives of British veterans and their families as they cope with the devastating impact of post-traumatic stress disorder. He blogs about new horizons in trauma therapy at www.matthewgreenjournalism.com. Twitter @Matthew__Green

There will be a book signing following the event. Please bring cash or cheque if you wish to purchase a book.