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Landscapes of the Mind: the Art of Thomas Hennell


19 May 2021


23 July 2021


Bethlem Museum of the Mind
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This temporary exhibition on the artist Thomas Hennell (1903-1945) coincides with the publication of a book on the artist by Jessica Kilburn, titled Thomas Hennell: The Land and the Mind.

Spending time outside and in nature has long been understood to improve people’s physical and mental health, and these benefits have been brought into sharp focus for everyone during the COVID-19 pandemic. The parks and streets we use to exercise and the houses we live, work, homeschool and play in, have taken on new significance over the past year.

This focus on close surroundings is particularly strong in the work of Thomas Hennell. Hennell was a successful professional artist, but also painted scenes that recorded his personal experience, including the time he spent as a patient at Claybury and the Maudsley Hospitals, the landscapes near his home, as well as the places he visited to paint and rest. This exhibition traces the artist’s life through these places and explores their significance and their impact on the artist’s own wellbeing.

Sim Fine Art will be supporting the exhibition with a major loan of work by Thomas Hennell.

Find out more information about Thomas Hennell, compiled by Andrew Sim

An essay on Thomas Hennell by Sim Fine Art

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