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Seeking Asylum: Places of Refuge for the Mind


30 June 2020


18 October 2020



The aspiration to find or to create a safe space or a place of solace is a relevant one for mental healthcare.In March 2019, members of staff of Bethlem Museum of the Mind and the Bethlem Gallery found a temporary refuge of their own by visiting and staying overnight at Museum Dr Guislain in Gent, Belgium. As part of a staff awayday, they participated in a group curation exercise, using their knowledge of Bethlem Museum's collections and their exposure to those of Museum Dr Guislain, to bring an exhibition together, tentatively entitled 'Asylum Seeker'. This exhibition is the result of that exercise. The contributions of those who took part back in March 2019, as well as of those who have joined Bethlem Museum of the Mind since, form a series of poignant reflections on the theme; yet not more poignant than the chosen works of art, artefacts and archives themselves.

This online exhibition is no longer available.