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Out and about; London Museums of Health and Medicine Event

04 November 2015
Events, Learning

In which we take our museum handling objects on the road! 

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Mansions in the Orchard: We need to talk about asylum

16 March 2015

Listen to a debate exploring the shift from asylum to 'care in the community', with perspectives from researchers, service users and mental health professionals.

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Object Lesson VI

13 January 2015
Collection, Events

The end of the Bethlem Hospital Park Farm.

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Mansions in the Orchard: The Demise of the Asylum

29 July 2014

As part of the Mansions in the Orchard project, photographer Max Reeves has recently made some comparative studies of other institutions. 

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Lessons from Liverpool

02 December 2013

Hear our thoughts from the Museums Association Conference 2014.

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Maudsley Debate: Enabling or Labelling?

25 June 2013
The 48th Maudsley Debate took place earlier this month, to a packed audience at the Institute of Psychiatry. Indeed, the event was so busy... Read more

A Tour of the Former West Riding Asylum: 1818 - 1995

27 November 2012
The former West Riding Asylum in Wakefield, Yorkshire, was the site of the Asylum Science conference, about which we recently blogged. As... Read more

The “Borderlands of Madness”: Jakob Lenz Debate

10 May 2012

Find out more about the portrayal of mental health in Opera.

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Human, All Too Human 2

20 December 2011
History, Events
[ continued from previous post ] Cambridge University is recreating online an experiment originally conducted by Charles Darwin with... Read more

Human, All Too Human 1

12 December 2011
History, Events
In 2009 the Natural History Museum mounted a temporary exhibition entitled After Darwin: Contemporary Expressions which sought to present... Read more

Eternal Maternal: New Exhibition at the Bethlem Gallery

29 August 2011
Art, Exhibitions, Events
To mark the 30th anniversary of the Perinatal Unit at the Bethlem Gallery, the new Gallery exhibition will consist of paintings, drawings,... Read more

Medicine at the Margins: Conference on Medicine Beyond the Orthodox, 1500 - 2000

26 April 2011

Learn about the interesting work that has been going on at the University of Glamorgan looking at 'medicine at the margins'.

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Madness and Literature 2: “A Hideous Torture on Himself”

31 August 2010
History, Events

Read more from the fascinating 'Madness and Literature' conference.

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Madness and Literature: Report from International Health Humanities Conference

16 August 2010

We consider what the relationship between literature and madness is in the 21st century, reflection on the Madness and Literature Network Conference.

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