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A Maze of Possibilities II

Kurelek 2

In the second of our responses to William Kurelek’s The Maze the artist commented:

….His piece inspired me to take the idea of the skull and adapt it but to my own thoughts. The skull represents me as a person, but in a dead and empty state. The maze which I adapted more into a circle of representative images of myself, refelect(ing) me as a person and the things that relate to me.

Some examples are puzzle pieces, a lock and an iPod. The puzzle piece is relatable as I think that life is like a puzzle, the lock also represents the private side of my life and the iPod shows that I like listening to music. I decided to make the drawings of the objects (representing the brain) to be shattered into pieces as it shows that nothing is perfect and not everything is how you would want it to be, also the way I mixed up the images represents thoughts and confusion.