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A Maze of Possibilities III

Maze 3

Of all the responses, this perhaps follows Kurelek’s the most closely. The artist writes:

My response is based on a journey and it starts off in the top left hand corner, when I was at a young age. It then goes to the image, which depicts religion being forced on me. Which led me to reject it later on. It then goes to the images of hundreds of people in a line, with the quote, ‘Must follow the way of Life.’ It represents how we are all forced (into) the particular way of life in our current economy and that it is hard to escape. From this image, there are a few ways that the maze can go.

The first one depicts someone escaping the ‘way of life’ and being ordered to go back in line, or be treated as an outcast. The second is of an image that depicts me being forced to do activities that I have no interest in. This image then links into the next image below, which represents me dreaming about something that is bigger than what we know now. As well as it highlighting my favourite planet – which is Pluto.

The third way. Which comes off from the centre image is about, me constantly doing test and thinking of my future. However, this then goes into the next picture which is showing me being fed up with doing tests and being fed up with this particular way of life. The image then goes to the picture which is depicting me thinking of my next steps, where I have been and who I am. Due to this I then realised that I am still searching for something which is part of me and that to find the missing piece I must go on a journey to find and fill it. Finally, the last image represents my future and it being locked since the future is a mystery which I have yet to unlock because it is out of my reach. Furthermore, it also signifies that at the end of my journey I will fill the missing piece as well as finding the key to unlock my future.