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Ikons at St. Giles Church, Camberwell - Imma Maddox

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In May 2013, Bethlem Gallery artist Imma Maddox will display her ikons in St Giles Church, Camberwell (Church Street, SE5), painted using traditional methods dating back to Roman times. 'Icon' simply means 'image', but has often been associated with religious paintings of a particular style. The distinctive panels are prepared using animal glue and whiting, and painted with egg tempera. It is this egg that gives the colours the warm, soft glow of the ikon. The colours can remain fresh and vivid for centuries, unlike oil paintings which crack and flake.

Imma has been painting ikons for about fifteen years, and her first piece was the ikon of St Michael, which hangs on the organ case at St Giles. She paints cats and people, hands and birds, using these images to offer up a prayer for creation. Imma has recently had additional training in the traditional techniques, which are are described in detail on the webpage for the Icon Workshop at the Saint Gregory of Sinai Monastery.

The ikons can be viewed at weekly services, and also at a series of concerts taking place in the church in May. Every Wednesday, the church will be open from 7pm to view the ikons, and the concert will start at 7.45.

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