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Winnenthal (Centre for Psychiatry)


Winnenthal (Centre for Psychiatry) (1834 -)

Location: Winnenden, Kingdom of Württemberg

Winnenthal (Centre for Psychiatry)

Winnenthal was opened in 1834. The institution was located on the outskirts of the town of Winnenden, 15 miles from Stuttgart, in the Kingdom of Württemberg.

The building was originally a monastery, but later served a royal palace, before being converted to an institution for the insane.

The institution was intended for curable patients only, although it occasionally admitted patients with only a slight chance of recovery. Incurable patients were admitted to a sister institution at Zwiefalten. At the end of 1846 Winnenthal housed 103 patients. By 1900 the institution was home to 300 patients, and this number rose to around 600 by 1930.

Today the institution is the Zentrum für Psychiatrie Winnenden (Centre for Psychiatry Winnenden) and continues to occupy the same buildings.