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100 Years Ago Today 1

30 June 2015

The 30 June 1915 edition of Under the Dome, Bethlem Hospital's in-house magazine, reported: “The Zeppelins have come to London, and gone. Fortunately we were spared any outward and visible sign of their presence, and did but learn of the visitation from the morning’s paper.  However, lest these unwelcome visitors should call again, we are all equipped with medicated respirators to guard against mephitic vapours, and additional provision has been made for dealing with possible outbreaks of fire. So with darkened windows but tranquil minds we wait, hoping that in all events we shall prove worthy of those heroes now fighting for us, and not unmindful of the stock from which we spring.”

The hospital magazine also reported that Dr McCarthy, from Bethlem, was on sick leave in England after being wounded by shrapnel in his right arm - “We are very pleased to record, as we are going to press, the gratifying fact that Dr. McCarthy has been mentioned in Sir John French’s dispatches” - and that two other doctors, Dr Travers Jones and Dr Johnston, also left Bethlem to serve in the Royal Army Medical Corps.

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