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Confronting the Collections: Doors and Windows

As readers of this blog will probably be aware, we at the Archives and Museum are preparing to move in 2014. At present, we are working on designs for the new permanent exhibition, and would like to ask blog readers for feedback on a number of topics. This new series expands on our previous posts around Curatorial Conversations, and each is linked to a short survey. Please do take five minutes to complete each questionnaire, as your answers will be vital in shaping the new Bethlem Museum of the Mind.

The first topic we want to explore is what doors and windows mean to you. In their simplest architectural form, these items allow a view or movement from one space to another. Both can, however, mean a lot more to us symbolically, depending on such things as the type of door, whether it is open or closed, or its location.

The link below will take you to a short survey, in which you will be asked five questions about doors and windows as symbols. We will be very grateful for your feedback, all of which will be presented to the museum designers. If you don't have time to complete the questionnaire, please comment directly on the blog.

Click here to take survey