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Ospedale Pammatone


Ospedale Pammatone (1423 - 1923)

Location: Via Giuglia, Genoa, Kingdom of Sardinia

Ospedale Pammatone

At the time of Guislain’s visit, this was the largest general hospital in Genoa, and the oldest, having been founded in 1423 by Bartolomeo Bosco. Saint Cathérine of Genoa was one of Pammatone’s early superintendents, and after her death her body was displayed in a crystal coffin in the hospital chapel. In 1849 the hospital sustained bomb damage during Alfonso LaMarmora’s bombardment of the city. In 1923, the old Pammatone building became the new home for Genoa’s university, a new hospital having been built. This new building suffered frequent bomb damage in the Second World War, and was partially reconstructed afterwards and put to new use as the Hall of Justice.