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Influencing Machines


24 August 2016 10:30 - 14:30


Bethlem Museum of the Mind
Bethlem Royal Hospital
Monks Orchard Road
Kent BR3 3BX

Science fiction has long thought about the possibility of a machine that can control people’s minds. Late eighteenth century Bethlem patient James Tilly Matthews designed his own ‘influencing machine,’ which he believed was used by a gang of chemists called the ‘Air Loom Gang’ to control people’s minds and actions. Artist Rod Dickinson has recreated this jaw-dropping ‘Air Loom,’ which is on display in the museum.

Now it’s your turn to design one of these incredible machines. Make a 3D model of your own influencing machine. Perhaps it will be a building that influences people from afar? Maybe it’s a gadget a person wears? Or maybe a type of food that’s eaten? It’s entirely up to your own imagination!

This is a free drop-in event, donations are accepted. You do not need to book, but can register your interest below.