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Ospedale de'Pazzarelli (Il Regio Manicomio)


Ospedale de'Pazzarelli (Il Regio Manicomio) (1834 -)

Location: Via Giulio, Turin, Kingdom of Sardinia

Ospedale de'Pazzarelli (Il Regio Manicomio)

Ospedale de’Pazzarelli, popularly known as ‘the house with the two pines’, was built as a psychiatric hospital by the architect Talucchi, replacing a previous facility for the mentally ill, and opened in 1834 as part of Regio Manicomio. On 13 March of that year it was visited by King Carlo Alberto, as well as by the French psychiatrists Jean-Ettiene-Dominique Esquirol and M. Brière de Boismont.